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Welcome to Haverford Blaze Lacrosse

Haverford Blaze Lacrosse 

Haverford Blaze Lacrosse serves boys from Kindergarten through Eighth grade and girls from Fifth through Eighth grade who reside in Haverford Township.

We have a house league and a travel lacrosse program. See the descriptions below and then find more information on our team pages.

Boys House League

K-2 Clinic: a place for young players to learn fundamentals. Includes age-appropriate skill-building drills and scrimmages. This program requires full protective equipment.

3-4 Grade House League: team-based intramural program for players to play games with modified rules to promote the fundamentals. This program requires full protective equipment.

Girls Travel Program

This travel program is for girls who are in the 5th through 8th grades. We play against other township programs within our PAGLA division.

Boys Travel Program

This travel program is for residents of Haverford Township School District who are in the 4th through 8th grades. We play against other township programs within our SEPYLA division.


If you have any questions, please contact us at blazelax@gmail.com

Blaze Head Injury & Spectator Behavior Policy

Hello Blaze Community: As we prepare for a great season please review the following.

1. Head Injury Policy: Please read our policy by following this link - Head Injury Policy

2. Parent and Spectator Sideline Behavior: Please to take a minute to review our rules governing sideline conduct for parents and any other lacrosse spectators. Your players’ coaches will need your support. Please share this information with any and all family members or friends who attend Blaze practices or games - it's much easier if we don't have to remind you. The following are drawn from USLAX, SEPYLA and Blaze requirements:
During Practice:

  • Parental Coaching: All coaching direction needs to come from your players’ coaches. Our coaches go through criminal and child abuse background checks, and they are required, for insurance purposes, to be members of US Lacrosse.  Please don't come out on the field or shout directions to players on the field during practice or games. It is distracting for players and coaches and has the potential to create safety and liability concerns for the club.  If you would like to help out as an assistant coach, please talk to your player's coach.

During Games:

  • Spectator Area: All parents and other spectators must watch the game from the side of the field opposite the players and coaches. You may not sit or stand on the players/coaches side or along the endlines. Parents or other spectators may not come out on the field or approach the team or coaching staff during games. This is for your safety and our coaches need their players undivided attention during games.  This also is a League rule, so violations can result in imposition of penalties against the Blaze.
  • Sportsmanship: We are teaching your players sportsmanship, including the importance of playing hard while respecting your opponent. Cheer for the Blaze! Avoid shouting anything negative about the opposing team. Make it easy for your players and their coaches to focus on the game.  Problems with parents’ or spectators’ behavior can result in distractions and interruptions of the game.  Moreover, game officials may also become involved where spectators’ conduct is abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate.  Parents or other spectators who are unwilling or unable to conduct themselves appropriately may be asked to leave the game area.
  • Referees: Respect all referees calling the game. They cannot see everything and will make some calls you think are wrong. Let the coaches handle that.  All referees are properly licensed and certified.  They are independently assigned by coordinators, and are not selected by the home team.
  • Parental Coaching: All coaching direction must come from your players’ coaches. Do shout encouragement to the Blaze. Don't tell your player to go in and score, or to cover a certain player, or try to give other specific instructions.  Your thinking may not be consistent with the coaches’, or with the instructions your player has been given.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol has no place along the sidelines of Blaze Lacrosse games at any facility (home or away).

 If you have any questions, please send them to 

Haverford Blaze Board

by posted 03/21/2015
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